Northern Vigor™

Saskatchewan’s northern enviroment offers:

  • Long warm days
  • Short cool nights
  • Timely rainfall or irrigation
  • Low humidity
  • Bright sunshine
  • Short growing season

These climate conditions produce a characteristic in Saskatchewan grown produce that does not occur in any other part of the world. And, the good news is that this advantageous aspect offers advantages to producers in other areas of Canada, North America and the world. When planted in other regions, seed potatoes grown in Saskatchewan outperform crops planted with seed sourced from other regions that withstands weather and growing conditions and improves the producer’s bottom line.

 The Seed

  • Physiologically young, healthy seed
  • no premature sprouting
  • good size distribution
  • reduced moisture loss in storage
  • increased tolerance of cold, wet soils

The Plants

  • greater leaf area
  • increased canopy vigor means:
    • slower dieback
    • improved recovery from hail, frost, or insect damage

The Crop

  • Increased yields especially in:
    • long season varieties
    • high stress environments
  • increased average tuber size
  • no sacrifice in quality

The Bottom Line

  • consistent performance
  • better returns
  • superior quality

® Registered trademark of Saskatchewan Seed Potato Growers Association Inc. (SSPGA)

For more information, CSIDC has a fact sheet.