Notice to Buyer

In Canada, growers of seed potatoes provide the following notice to buyers:


Limited Warranty & Limitation of Damages and Remedy

The seller warrants that any seed potatoes sold or agreed to be sold to the buyer by the seller are of the grade specified upon the tag attached to each container thereof, as required by statute, within recognized tolerances. The Inspection Certificate(s) of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (unless superseded) shall be conclusive evidence of the purity, quality, grade or any other matter respecting such seed potatoes, and such Certificate(s) shall be binding upon the buyer and the seller. It is expressly agreed that no other warranties, conditions or representations, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise, of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, productiveness, absence of disease, or otherwise, are made by the seller.

A request for re-inspection of a lot may be made within two working days after receipt of the lot, and the re-inspection shall be carried out by an inspector as soon as possible but no later than five days after receipt of the request.