Every effort is made to prevent contamination of seed stocks by ring rot bacteria. The following mechanisms each contribute to the reduction of the risk of Bacterial Ring Rot:

Maintenance of pedigree records on all seed lots certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Records are maintained from generation to generation on all seed stocks produced in the province.

  • All seed potatoes produced originate from disease free nuclear stocks.
  • Limited field generation production system (flush-through production).
  • Inspections of the growing crop for Bacterial Ring Rot.
  • Tuber inspections at harvest or in the bin shortly after harvest.
  • Frequent tuber inspections at shipping point.
  • Seed trace backs on Bacterial Ring Rot occurrences in commercial potato production.
  • Laboratory testing of all seed lots for the presence of Bacterial Ring Rot.
  • Total rejection of all seed produced on a farm where a seed lot is determined to be infected with Bacterial Ring Rot.
  • Seed grower diligence in preventing Bacterial Ring Rot introduction which includes disinfecting all equipment and buildings involved in the harvesting, handling and storage of seed potatoes.